Best Anime streaming sites and Apps to watch Anime in 2022

by Sachin

If you are an anime fan, you will almost certainly want to be updated on that subject. There will always be someone who says that the best thing is to download the episodes or buy the DVD / Blu-ray. But, what if that is not an option for you? Or maybe, the anime you’re following is in broadcast, should you wait until it’s over to see it?

In those cases, we turn to the always reliable anime streaming websites. There are many Anime streaming sites that aim to provide the episodes as soon as they leave. Most also store old series and even some allow the download.

On the other hand, if you are one of those who prefer a mobile device to a computer. There are some of the best Anime sites & apps for smartphones and tablets exclusively for the streaming of anime series online.

But, How to choose the best Anime site? Here is the list of best Anime streaming websites and apps to watch anime in 2022.

Anime streaming Sites and Apps

Best anime streaming sites & Apps to watch Anime

1) 9 Anime

If you are an anime fan and you love watching anime online, then 9 Anime is your perfect destination. This incredible site is almost free of ads and hosts many of the epic series that you love.

In 9 Anime you can find subtitled anime and with English dubbing. The site also allows downloading of episodes, if you prefer to have them on your computer or tablet.

2) Anime Haven

AnimeHaven is a website that offers anime in high definition for free. The site couple of years old, but it is quite consolidated. Many anime lovers have it as their first choice.

Apart from streamings in HD, AnimeHaven also allows direct download from the site. Along with your favorite series, you can also download the soundtracks. It’s the complete package!

3) Anime Tosho

Unlike other anime sites, Anime Tosho is a web-oriented to download rather than streaming. It also has a forum where you can register and chat with other anime fans.

The only concern with Anime Tosho is that downloaded anime will only be visible on your computer because they come compressed. To view them on a mobile device, you must convert them to a compatible format (such as mp4, FLV, AVI, etc.)

4) AnimeUltima

AnimeUltima is probably one of the most popular anime sites of all time. The site offers a wide variety of content, such as full anime streaming, in original versions and dubbed version of English.

AnimeUltima also hosts informative content, surveys, forums, and events related to the Anime. You can download free anime series in MP4 format. And of course, you can also chat with other fans of animation.

5) Anime Season

Anime Season is also one of the best websites for anime streaming. It is quite optimized to provide a good experience, with an organized and simple interface that is pleasing to the eye. Forget the ads, since the site manages to provide streaming with a minimum of publicity.

The site has built-in video players, which allow viewing anime online with subtitles and without them. It does not have a search bar, but the left panel is well organized. From the panel you can locate any series, searching by categories.

Android Apps to watch Anime

Do you have an Android device and do not want to take off from it? Here we show you the best Anime streaming apps to watch anime on your mobile device.

6) Amazon Prime

The Amazon app is pretty decent for anime fans. If you are an Amazon Prime user, you can also get the “Amazon Anime Strike” channel, for an additional $ 4.99 per month.

One detail: being a relatively new service (just launched in 2017), the option of subtitles and dubbing are somewhat bad in development. However, it is worth trying. Surely they get better in a hurry!

7) Aniconnex

Aniconnex app lets you watch your favorite anime episodes anytime, anywhere. The app also has its own discussion forum and a comment area for users. So you can share your opinions with other anime fans.

8) Animania

Animania is a pretty old app that offers a reliable service for free for Android devices. The app has gained great popularity in recent times, due to its attractive and easy-to-use interface.

Animania allows you to watch any video in a variety of resolutions. You can also choose the best resolution, based on your internet connection.

9) Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is a legal anime streaming website, with the best collection of anime series and available in every country. The website has similar features to a Premium site, although some videos cannot be viewed for free.

If money is not a problem and quality and legality is your primary concern then, Crunchyroll is your best option. By becoming a Premium member, you will have access to the latest series, manga discussions and much more.

You will also be able to see the most recent episodes, with only one hour difference with the broadcast in Japan. The Premium version is completely free from the advertisements of the site.

And if you’re still not convinced, you can use the free trial version. For 14 days you can use the site as a Premium user, and if you decide, you only pay $ 6.95 per month.

10) Hulu

Hulu is one of the best apps available for anime streaming. It has a pretty decent collection of anime series, including a lot of popular series. The service itself is quite easy to use. You can choose between an economic and limited subscription, or pay a little more for a subscription without advertising.

The only downside of Hulu is that your anime collection may be a bit inconsistent. Some series can have dubbed in English, the other subtitled and the third one again in dubbing. The above aside, Hulu is a good option for anime streaming from your mobile.

11) Netflix

Netflix is practically the best anime streaming app, for anime series and movies in general. The service offers a variety of anime episodes with subtitles and dubbing, which also includes original series produced by Netflix.

There are three different types of subscriptions, each with particular limitations. The basic package ($ 7.99 per month), with a single simultaneous screen and no HD or ultra HD content. The standard ($ 9.99 a month), with two simultaneous screens and only HD. And the premium ($ 11.99 per month), without limitations.

And if you are not convinced about getting the service, you can always subscribe for a free trial month.

12) Plex

Plex is a great option for those who have their own anime collection. This app allows you to configure a server on your computer. Once this is done, you can stream the videos directly to mobile, Xbox, PlayStation, and even in some smart TVs.

With Plex, you have the option to pay a single fee and unlock all the functions of the app. You can also get a Plex Pass subscription, which offers even more features. The app has a free trial version to help you decide.

13) UnderAnime

UnderAnime is a very old and very popular Android app for anime streaming. With it, you can watch all the anime series for free, directly on your Android device. The fact is that its developers perform constant updates, which makes UnderAnime a great option for anime streaming.

The only concern is that the app is not available in the Google Play Store. Therefore, you must download the APK file from external links and install it on your device. However, we assure you that it will be worth the trouble.

14) Youtube

YouTube is an excellent app for online anime fans. Its servers host lots of impressive things, which for anyone is a secret. When you get the mobile app completely free, you will have access to all its content, with no other limitations than some irritative ads.

If by some chance you are one of those who Prefer an ad-free experience, there is also an alternative for you. You can subscribe to the Youtube Red service for $ 9.99 (one person) or $ 14.99 (up to six people).

IOS Apps to watch Anime (iPhone / iPad)

Maybe you’re an anime lover who does not want to leave your Apple device to watch your favorite series. If this is your case, here we show you the best options to watch anime on your iPhone or iPad.

15) AnimeFC

AnimeFC is an excellent option for iOS users who love streaming anime and want to take it everywhere. The app offers videos in high resolution, with subtitles in English. The series is organized by category, status, and popularity. The app also includes Search engine where you can search your favorite series.

16) Anime Lib

Another great option for Apple users is Anime Lib. This app has a huge collection of anime, available in several languages, and also dubbed and subtitled.

Anime Lib is free and provides free access to more than 5000 anime titles, which are updated daily. It also offers the option to download the episodes, so you can watch them without an internet connection.

17) Aozora

Aozora is considered as one of the best Anime streaming app for IOS users. With Aozora you can watch your favorite anime series in high definition from the comfort of your Apple device. But watching anime is not all you can do with this app.

Aozora helps you easily manage the series you see since you can synchronize with MyAnimeList. It has five main lists to admire: In Planning Viewing, Completing, Waiting and Abandoned. You can also discuss your most recent views in forums, and share your likes with other users.

18) Crunchyroll for iOS

Crunchyroll for iOS offers more than 25,000 anime episodes within reach of your mobile or iPad. No membership is required to install, and the app offers a free seven-day trial. For its part, the Premium version offers an ad-free experience, access to HD videos and more.

Here we have mentioned all the websites and apps to watch Anime. If we have missed any other let us know in the comment section so that we can include them.


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