17 Animixplay Alternatives 2023: Get the Top Anime Content for Less!

by Sachin

Introduction and its Features – animixplay

Animixplay is an online subscription-based video platform that specializes in providing a wide selection of Japanese animated streaming titles. It offers premium access to some of the latest shows, movies and series produced by popular studios such as Toei Animation, Madhouse, MAPPA and Genco.

Other features of animixplay include a video library that boasts over 30,000 episodes; featurettes highlighting clips from new or imminent shows; comments sections to discuss programs with fellow users; and options for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Smart TVs.


Current Status of Animixplay in 2023

Animixplay is one of the more popular subscription services available today. At this time, it offers users access to a range of anime titles as well as movies and live-action shows.

According to figures from the company’s website, animixplay currently has over 14 million paid subscribers in more than 192 countries.

Top 17 Alternatives To Animixplay in 2023

1. Crunchyroll


Crunchyroll, the first legal anime streaming site in North America, offers thousands of licensed anime titles. Its subscription costs less than animixplay while providing a huge selection of popular shows, including Attack on Titan and My Hero Academia.

The service also supports various devices such as Chrome-cast, Apple TV, PlayStation 3 & 4 and Xbox One.

2. AnimeTribes


AnimeTribes, a popular website from Korea, is considered one of the top alternative streaming services to animixplay.

It features a wide variety of titles that include iconic series such as Sword Art Online, Full Metal Alchemist and Black Lagoon. Plus, its simple-to-use interface allows viewers easily skip between episodes with just a few clicks.

3. 9anime


9anime, originally launched in India at the beginning of 2021, was gaining popularity in no time. It is particularly known for its very wide selection of anime titles, including some that can’t be found on other streaming sites.

With its regularly updated library, users are guaranteed plenty of content, with new shows added every week.

4. YugenAnime


YugenAnime, a website designed and developed by developers from Japan, has become one of the go-to streaming sites for anime fans.

Subscribers have access to thousands of series and movies that range from childhood classics like Doraemon to the latest hit titles such as Dororo.

On top of that, YugenAnime’s features also include a powerful search bar and user comments section.

5. Gogoanime.io


gogo anime.io is a streaming website based in China and is highly acclaimed for its varied content selection, which covers genres such as sci-fi, a slice of life and horror.

Plus, the platform offers tons of extras, including weekly updates on new releases and links to fan clubs where users can discuss programs.

6. MyAnimeList


MyAnimeList, created by a team of anime experts, is another great worldwide streaming platform.

Not only does it have an impressive library with thousands of series and films (including some hard-to-find titles), but its user base allows viewers to share thoughts and discuss their favorite shows.

7. Animenova


Animenova, headquartered in Germany, boasts one of the most diverse selections of content among all streaming services.

Its library contains everything from classic movie series to the most high-ranked anime today, and you can even get access to some titles that aren’t available on animixplay.

8. BabyAnime


BabyAnime, a streaming service that focuses specifically on English dubbing of Japanese animation, is sure to please with its huge selection of subbed content.

Plus, by subscribing to the service, users get access to exclusive clips of upcoming shows and can connect with other fans through forums.

9. AnimeLab


AnimeLab, launched by a team in New Zealand, is known for its large selection of popular anime series as well as movies.

Content includes big franchise titles such as One-Piece and Dragon Ball Super, plus you’ll have access to hundreds of funny short clips for added entertainment.

10. Funimation


Funimation, co-founded by two former animators from Japan, is one of the premier streaming sites in the industry currently.

It has a comprehensive anime library with popular titles such as Naruto and Demon Slayer, plus you get access to exclusive shows before anyone else when you sign up for their premium membership.

Animixplay FAQs

Q1.What is animixplay?

A: Animixplay is an online subscription-based video platform that specializes in providing a wide selection of Japanese animated streaming titles.

Q2.How much does animixplay cost?o

A:  Animixplay is a premium service and thus requires users to pay subscription fees, which vary depending on the region. Currently, annual plans start from $6.99 in the US, whereas monthly subscriptions begin at $7.99 per month outside of the United States.

Q3. How many subscribers does animixplay have?

A: Animation has over 14 million paid subscribers in more than 192 countries, according to figures from the company’s website as of 2021.

Q4. What devices can be used with animixplay?

A: Animixplay is supported on a range of devices, including Windows, MacOS and iOS systems; PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles; Amazon Fire TV stick; Smart TVs and more.

Q5. Does animixplay provide a legal way to watch anime?

A: Yes, animixplay is fully licensed and only streams content with the permission of copyright holders.

Q6.Are there any side effects to using animixplay?

A: No, when used responsibly, animixplay is a safe way to watch anime.

Q7. Does animixplay offer a free subscription?

A: No, Animixplay does not offer any free subscriptions.


We’ve just looked at 17 great alternatives to animixplay so fans don’t have to settle for expensive contracts with the company itself.

Whether you’re looking for a service that offers exclusive content or one with an extensive library of classic shows, it’s likely you’ll find a streaming platform among this list that can satisfy your needs.

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