10 AsuraScans Alternatives That Will Have You Ready To Read!

by Sachin

AsuraScans is an open-source manga translation community dedicated to bringing high-quality scans of manga from around the world together for free. It has a vast selection of series that readers can explore, as well as providing great quality translations. With everything at their fingertips, readers can quickly and easily access their favorite series. However, with the rise of digital comic books and webtoons, AsuraScans may soon be a thing of the past. To prepare for that, here are 10 alternatives to AsuraScans you might want to keep in mind:

Current Status of AsuraScans in 2023.

Despite its stellar quality translation services and reliable source material updates-as many had expected -AsuraScans is not the big deal it used to be in 2021. This is mostly due to the surge in popularity of digital comics and webtoons, which offer better accessibility, more convenience, novel idea development and fresher material compared with AsurasCan’s stagnant offerings from a decade earlier. That said there are still anime communities such as these 10 alternatives that cater to diehard fans of manga-style stories who enjoy safe translations for a fraction of the cost.

Best Alternatives for AsuraScans

1. Alpha Scans

Alpha Scans offers a comprehensive archive of manga translations from various publishers, including the famous Weekly Shonen Jump, monthly Big Comic Original and others as well as providing a clean & modern user interface to make reading a breeze! Also, boasting an active community that can offer feedback or recommendations on what manga series to check out next – Alpha Scan could be the next stop for your manga fix.

2. Comicdom

With a fast search engine, you can find different comics and volumes of the same comic more easily at Comicdom than on any other website. This one is simple and straightforward to navigate, so —  once you have your results – it takes a few clicks before you are ready to start reading right away. Moreover, this website offers various manga reviews that can help readers get informed about what they want before they start reading.

3. Flame Scans

A great alternative to AsuraScans, Flame Scans offers weekly manga updates along with detailed reviews and plenty of information about the latest titles for you. It is also a preferred source for many readers thanks to its comprehensive agreement & copyrights disclaimer, which assures proper respect of intellectual property rights from publishers towards authors/illustrator’s work contributions at all times. The website offer notifications on new releases as well as suggestions of titles to explore.

4. Immortal Updates

Yet another website offering weekly manga updates, Immortal Updates stands out for the high-quality scans it offers to its readers and polished translations that can’t be found anywhere else. You also get a wide range of advanced search options that you can use when looking for specific volumes or series in their library, which makes finding just what you need quick & easy.

5. Imperfect Comics

Imperfect Comics is a great alternative to AsuraScans and features some of the best manga scans & translations you’ll ever find online. You also get manual download links for each chapter or volume, so in case you don’t feel like reading online, it’s easy to copy-paste what you need. Imperfect comics boasts an impressive library that covers not only current series but also old classics as well – offering much-loved nostalgic titles for readers to enjoy with ease.

6.Void Scans

Famous for its great library of latest releases and popular classic manga, Void Scans is an excellent choice if you are looking for something new or just want to find out what’s been published recently in the world of manga & comic books. The website also boasts a well-maintained global community that provides many helpful recommendations and feedback that can help you find the right manga for your taste.

7. Leviatan Scans

Independent of any website or platform, Leviathan Scans can be a great alternative to AsuraScans if you like high-quality scans and careful translations. Unlike most websites offering similar services, Leviathan scan allows free downloading and no need to log in before accessing its content which makes it very convenient & accessible. You also get plenty of helpful updates from fellow manga fans that are always keeping an eye on the latest news from around the world

8. MMScans

Another great alternative to AsuraScans is MMScans – a website offering weekly or monthly updates for famous series in English translation. This scanlation provides extremely accurate translations which cannot be found elsewhere as well as allows you to download chapters —  complete volumes if need be, easily and quickly onto your device. The website also has a great community of fans that are available to provide feedback or discuss manga with – no matter what you’re looking for, MMScans is sure not to disappoint.

9. Realm Scans

With its expansive library and high-quality scans & translations, Realm Scans is an excellent alternative to AsuraScans when wanting something new or just looking for updates on popular series Manga readers can view previews before downloading each chapter so they have a better understanding of what the translations entail and how far help the story before do decide to take the plunge The website also provides numerous helpful updates from fans around the world about ongoing series so if you want to be up-to-date with all happenings Realm Scans is definitely worth checking out.

10. ZeroScans

Last but certainly not least, we have ZeroScans – another great alternative for AsuraScans with its extensive catalog of the latest and classic manga titles, providing readers with plenty to choose from. Compiling both English-translated & raw Japanese content in one convenient location – ZeroScans is a great website that also offers helpful updates on new releases and ongoing series added to their library.


Q: Is AsuraScans still active?

A: Yes, it’s still actively running but with more of a focus on the classics than the latest releases due to increasing competition from digital comics and webtoons.

Q: How do I download manga from AsuraScans?

A: Each volume or chapter can be downloaded directly via their website as .cbz, .zip, or even .rar files.

Q: Is there a mobile version for reading?

A: Yes, AsuraScans has a mobile-optimized version of the website which makes it comfortable to explore and read manga series on any device.

Q: Does AsuraScans offer translations for currencies other than English?

A: Not officially, but there are some fan pages that currently translate/provide content in French and Spanish as well.

Q: Are there legal alternatives to AsuraScans?

A: Yes, there are alternatives, such as legal streaming services which provide hundreds of official manga and anime titles.

Q: Is the community at AsuraScans active?

A: Yes, with over 1000 members on their Discord servers alone – you can expect plenty of helpful advice or tips when looking for your next great read!


AsuraScans is a great website for reading manga online and has many advantages over its competitors; however, as digital comics & webtoons become more popular, it may soon be eclipsed by alternative websites offering better services. With that in mind, the 10 alternatives mentioned above could fill the gap. Whether you’re looking for high-quality scans or frequent updates, these can all help readers get their fix of classic – brand-new manga. If none of these sites quite hit the spot, then there are plenty of other options out there, with more coming every day. Thanks to this plethora of choices, readers can always find something for themselves.


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