[SOLVED] Can’t See Comments on Facebook – 5 Essential Strategies to Fix in 2023

by Sachin

[SOLVED] Can't see comments on Facebook - 5 Essential Strategies to Fix in 2023


  • Clearing the browser cache might help.
  • Using the browser version rather than the app could be beneficial.
  • Checking for app updates could solve the issue.
  • Facebook server issues may be a reason.
  • Internet connectivity is essential.

What’s the Ideal Scenario Without the “Can’t See Comments on Facebook” Issue?

In an ideal scenario, users should have a hassle-free experience on Facebook. They should be able to view, respond to, and engage with comments on all posts seamlessly. This ensures an interactive and community-driven environment, the core of what Facebook aims to provide its users.

What's the Ideal Scenario Without the "can't see comments on Facebook" Issue

Case Study: When Does the “Can’t See Comments on Facebook ” Error happen?

One user on Reddit shared their perplexing experience: they couldn’t view comments when logged into their account but could access them while browsing in incognito mode. This suggests a possible account settings, cookies, or cache issue.

Initial Diagnosis: Have You Tested These Measures?

Before deep-diving into more detailed solutions, there are some basic things to verify. Firstly, ensure your Facebook app or browser is updated to the latest version.

Secondly, check your internet connection. An unstable or slow connection might cause parts of the page, like comments, not to load correctly.

Initial Diagnosis: Have You Tested These Measures

The Significance of Rectifying “Can’t See Comments on Facebook” Issue

Being unable to view comments hampers the overall user experience on Facebook. It prevents users from engaging in discussions, understanding context, or connecting with others. Addressing this issue ensures that users can fully immerse themselves in the social platform without interruptions.

Interactive Guide: 5 Functional Strategies to Address “Can’t See Comments on Facebook “

SOLUTION 1: Clear Browser Cache

Old and outdated cache might cause display issues on websites. Clearing it can potentially solve the issue.

For most browsers, accessing the settings or preferences and then navigating to the ‘Privacy’ or ‘History’ section will provide an option to clear cached data.

SOLUTION 1: Clear Browser Cache

SOLUTION 2: Use a Browser Instead of an App

At times, the mobile app may have glitches or may not have been updated with the latest fixes. Using Facebook on a mobile browser might bypass these issues, offering a more consistent experience. Remember to keep the browser updated too.

SOLUTION 2: Use a Browser Instead of an App

SOLUTION 3: Check Facebook’s Server Status

Occasionally, the issue might be from Facebook’s end. Websites like Downdetector can provide real-time information on server statuses. If Facebook is down, waiting it out is the best solution.

SOLUTION 3: Check Facebook's Server Status

SOLUTION 4: Reinstall the Facebook App

If the app has a persistent issue, consider uninstalling and reinstalling it. This can clear out any corrupt data causing the problem.

SOLUTION 4: Reinstall the Facebook App

SOLUTION 5: Check Account Settings and Privacy Controls

Ensure that your account settings haven’t been altered in a way that restricts you from viewing comments.

Also, check if any content filtering is enabled that might be hiding comments from your view.

SOLUTION 5: Check Account Settings and Privacy Controls

How to Prevent “Can’t See Comments on Facebook ” Error in the Future

Consistently updating the Facebook app, clearing the browser cache periodically, and monitoring account settings can help minimize such issues. Additionally, keeping abreast with known issues through Facebook’s official channels can give early warnings and solutions.

Final Thoughts

Comments form an integral part of the Facebook experience. By following the strategies and insights mentioned above, users should have all the tools they need to address and prevent the “can’t see comments” issue.

Always prioritize keeping your app and browser updated to ensure a smooth experience.

Commonly Asked Questions (FAQs) About “Can’t See Comments on Facebook “

Why can’t I see comments on some Facebook posts?

Multiple factors could be at play here: privacy settings set by the post creator, technical glitches within the app, or even internet connectivity issues. Ensure all these elements are in order before concluding on a specific reason.

How can I refresh comments on Facebook?

Reloading the page or force-closing and reopening the app usually does the trick. If on a mobile app, try dragging it down on the feed to refresh content.

Can the post’s privacy settings affect comment visibility?

Absolutely. Suppose the post’s creator has set it to ‘private’ or limited its visibility to a specific group of people. In that case, only those individuals or mutual friends might be able to view and interact with the comments.

Do outdated apps cause comment visibility issues?

Yes, they can. Older app versions might not be optimized for newer features or contain unresolved bugs. Regularly updating your apps ensures you have the latest features and bug fixes.

Can browser cookies affect Facebook comment visibility?

It’s a possibility. If certain cookies related to Facebook functionality get corrupted or outdated, it might hinder various features, including comment visibility. Clearing cookies or using an incognito/private mode can help.

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