Freelancing–Best way to be an Entrepreneur of your life and your work

by Sachin

As time goes on Changes will occur in any industry but now a days the only change that is unique in all the industries is freelancing .It may be a Software industry ,Networking industry or Telecom sector all the top industrial sectors are offering projects to freelancers.

What is Freelancing  :

Freelancing is a way of earning independently from multiple projects and assignments that are available on freelancing sites. In freelancing the worker is not bound to any of the company policies rather they are bound to the project that they are working on.

As a freelancer, you get to choose your work and the setup to get started is fairly simple.  With the power of telecommuting, video conferencing and high-speed internet, you can get started as a freelancer with a few common tools.  If you have a mobile phone and a laptop computer, you can start doing business with people from all over the world.

The beauty that lies in  Freelancing is that you are an entrepreneur of your life and your work. You can set an annual, monthly or weekly income you wish to make. A freelancer is someone who loves what they do, doing it with what they have!


Why both Employes and Employers are more interested in freelancing :


As discussed above freelancers are not bounded to any of the company policies. So they have the freedom to leave work at any time if they do not like working conditions or if they find a better job.

No dress code:

Everyday wearing a suit can be a burden for everyone. Informal dress while performing work is really a true ‘gift from heaven’.

Flexible working hours:

It is really hard to balance family and work commitments. some times you should stay away from home if you are working for an organization .But with freelancing you can overcome this problem and can stay with your family when ever they need you.

Performing multiple tasks at the same time:

Freelancers have more chances to survive economic shocks while a senior employ in a big company engaged in one activity cannot be able surive the economic shocks. Most freelancers work hard to acquire new skills that can make them more competitive in the work that they are dealing with.

Opportunity for advancement:

If you are smart, hardworking and good at knowledge and skills, I hope you can advance your carrier both professionally and financially in a short period of time. Freelancing offers great opportunities, for the people who are more enthusiastic and dynamic towards work.


Advantages of freelancing:

Choose your work:

As a freelancer you don’t have an higher Authority to speak about what to do?. So that’s the reason to say ‘NO’ to all the jobs that you are not interested with. So now you can search for the projects that you are interested to work from the freelancing job portals and start working on it . Most clients won’t mind how and when you do it until unless you do not deliver the work on or before deadline –Taking Freelancing as a full time job is a  good option for people who are not interested to work in a normal office hours.

Better pay:

Most Companies are often prepared to pay freelancers a better amount when compared with their own staff because they don’t have to pay him for holidays or for sick leaves. If you have a good experience and had a very good projects in your hands then you can demand a higher pay amount. If you done good with your first project then the companies may consider you for there upcoming projects also.

Difficulties in freelancing :

Getting work:

At the initial stage of your carrier you may find it very difficult in getting the projects because there are many freelancers out there looking for the same projects.  Just being good at the work is not enough – you need to create a good network, market yourself and make a good relations because no-one shows

interest in hiring you if you don’t have a proper recognization in the market !

Unpredictable workload & Responsibility:

Sometimes you have to work all the day and night to meet there deadlines and more over you will have the complete responsibility towards the project. If you have not done the project in the correct manner then you alone should be ready to face the consequences.

Managing your money:

You should have the capability of managing your money even if you did not receive the pay cheque on time .You should only clear all the taxes and Insurances because employers do not do that for you . You should also keep some money in your wallet as a savings because there may be times when you may not get the projects or you may be sick – and there may be times you may feel worried about your work and wanted to have a holiday at any moment, remember that no-one is ready to pay you for that!

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