How To Build Drop-Down TV For Cabinet

by Sachin

When faced with the idea for starting home automation many craftsmen start searching for the worthy solutions on how to bring their ideas into life. One of the most frequently used and spread automations for household purposes is the implementation of automated TV lift systems that are able to show the TV monitor when necessary and hide it from the plain sight when not. 

The widely spread is the practice to hide the monitor inside the cabinets, so why don’t you place your TV monitor inside any of your cabinets hanging on your kitchen as a part of your kitchen wall. Remember, the drop-down TV lift mechanism can be placed in cabinets of almost all dimensions. With electric linear actuators manufactured by the world automation leader Progressive Automations a person dealing with home automation project can be one hundred percent sure that under the conditions of wise measurements and careful installation the linear motion technology will fully justify the sum of money spent on the project. Furthermore, the cost-efficiency of linear actuator solution provided by Progressive Automations allows implementing this technology in terms of home automation projects like constructing the automated TV lifts for kitchen cabinets.  

The drop-down technology allows installing large TV monitors not solely inside cabinets but also attach them seamlessly in surfaces of the ceiling where there is enough free space to keep the dimensions of the whole lifting construction. 

Parts required for the drop-down TV lift for the kitchen cabinet are as follows: 

  1. The linear actuator of 600 kilograms lifting force with a stroke of 320 millimeters;  
  2. The linear actuator of 150 kilograms lifting force with a stroke of 150 millimeters;
  3. Arduino Uno microcontroller for preprogramming the working pattern of the linear actuator moving the active part of the drop-down TV lift;
  4. 12V power supply;
  5. various metal pipes and strips of dimensions; 20 * 5 millimeters for welding the metal frame to hold the construction together and be the basis of the TV lift hidden inside the kitchen cabinet.

For the construction of hanging TV lift mechanism attached to the cabinet, the craftsman can use any of already available kitchen cabinets. The only requirement for the right cabinet choice is the dimensions of the monitor required to be installed within. Dimensions of the cabinet have to be a bit bigger accordingly. 

For the controlling part and the effective work and movement of every detail including two linear actuator mechanisms, the use of Arduino Uno would be the most effective solution.

The implementation of electric linear actuators of Progressive Automation provides the craftsman with additional warranties that the mechanism constructed on their basis will effectively work all along its duty cycle. Conveniences provided by drop-down TV lift technology are numerous. Such a system allows watching TV when you want it and hides your monitor away when its presence spoils the overall view of your kitchen interior. Such home automation makes the look of your kitchen interior more exquisite when compared to those fully stuffed with numerous modern electronics. 

The lifting technology and the drop-down TV lift solutions provided by Progressive Automations allows creating a merely innumerable number of DIY home projects allowing to adjust the automations technology the way it becomes convenient for customers to use it conveniently for their household purposes. This way the home automation becomes the smart solution which allows using automation effectively under the circumstances of fully domestic conditions. Start using products of Progressive Automations for your projects to feel the real comfort of proof checked electronics that are able to cover the needs of even the most demandable customers.

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