Technologically Innovative Ideas That Helps Maintain Your Home

by Sachin

You won’t get any medal for living in a boring home. 

For living in a technologically advanced smart home, however, you gain credibility as an ingenious fellow. 

Why wouldn’t you want your house adorned with gadgets so cool, they provide answers to everyday challenges? 

If you’re ready for the ride of your lifetime with regards to smart home innovations, read on!

1. Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Just imagine setting up a robotic vacuum cleaner to clean out your home, without you having to lift a finger. Yes, you totally deserve this. 

An exceptional one is the D77 Deebot, a 3-dimensional home cleaning solution provider designed to navigate obstacles, clean out the dust bin and all kinds of floors. Also, it has an intelligent time scheduling feature which enables it to clean your floors in a pre-set manner. Cleaning no longer has to be dreaded- because you won’t be the one doing it!

2. Wireless LED light bulbs

Intelligent lighting systems such as the Philips Hue LED Lighting System abound. This new-age smart lighting system can easily be controlled via your smartphone with the aid of a mobile app; and the energy-saving LED lights are perfectly suited for the home environment.  

3. Smart Faucet

Need to save up on water costs? Using a smart faucet specifically designed to conserve water and energy helps to reduce your carbon footprint and preserve the environment.  

4. Solar-powered path light

The ideal eco-solution for your garden, the solar-powered LEDpath lights are great because they’re powered by solar energy and require no form of wiring or electricity. Therefore, you keep your garden illuminated with such a smart technology, while saving on money and energy. They turn on automatically at dawn, and off at dusk.   

5. Robotic Pool Cleaner

No, you do not need to rob a bank to own a robotic pool cleaner that would invariably make you more comfortable. 

With the Dolphin Escape robotic pool cleaner, you get a fabulous product at a giveaway price, but only for above ground pools.  

This unit provides several services like HyperBrush scrubbing, advanced filtration, smart scanning and continuous rubber tracks, and provide super efficient services.  

As a matter of fact, as soon as you set the Dolphin Escape down into your pool, it is able to scan the entire surface via its built-in scanning and mapping system; and as it moves, the scanner guides it to cover all parts of the pool; allowing for a very thorough cleaning process. Check out for super cool reviews on this excellent robotic pool cleaner. 

6. Home Security System: Z-Wave Wireless Door/Window Sensor

This is a Z-wave enabled home security system that provides the perfect security for your home, as it monitors your doors/windows, alerting you to any form of unauthorized activity or movement. 

With the aid of your smartphone app, you monitor the opening and closing of the doors and windows. Also, if you’re about to sleep for example, you can verify if all doors are closed (and you can do this from anywhere you are).

7. Eco Dish Cleaner

Love washing dishes? No? Me neither. 

With this Eco cleaner, ultrasonic waves are used to clean dishes by ionizing food particles. With this technology, food waste on plates is converted into reusable compost for plants. It’s totally awesome that you are able to save time on washing dishes and at the same time, healthy soil is provided for your plants from your very food waste.

Even better is the fact that this dish cleaner makes use of solar energy to charge its battery; making it very easily sustainable. 

Wrapping Up

Riding on the wave of technology can help you live a free, blissful life; especially in your home. Want to spend some more time with your family? Want your friends to marvel at your creativity and sense of panache? Desire a really lush house?  Make use of these technologically innovative ideas to help give your home that ultra-modern feel. Thank me later!

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