12 Justdubs Alternatives for 2023: Find the Most Suitable Replacement!

by Sachin

Introduction and its Features

Justdubs is an excellent platform for streaming anime, popular among fans worldwide. When it first came out in 2019, Justdubs made it easy for people to watch dubbed versions of anime shows. It was a great success, as it allowed people with different languages all over the globe to enjoy their favorite broadcasts without any subscription fees. But, unfortunately, Justdubs had to shut down because of maintenance issues, leaving anime fans without a go-to source for their favorite content.

Justdubs’ Current Status

In the first few months after it shut down in 2021, many of its most loyal users quickly switched to online alternatives with similar features and user interfaces. Unfortunately, some still needed help to shift or find a suitable replacement. Sadly, reaching out to customer support at Justdubs is no longer an option as it has completely shut down, with all its services and licenses being terminated permanently.

Best Alternatives for Justdub


It offers access to hundreds of popular anime shows and their original dubs and subs versions. The user-interface design is also very friendly, making browsing the content easy.



It is known for its huge library of anime series. However, the best part about using this platform is that it doesn’t require users to create an account before streaming titles and provides multiple links for viewing a particular episode on different devices.



This free online streaming service has become very popular recently because it lets users comment and talk with others while watching their favorite anime show or movie. In addition, users can rate the shows and films on the site. The interesting thing about this platform is that registration is optional to take advantage of these features.



It is another great alternative with a significant database of different types of anime, movies, and popular TV series. It also has an easy-to-use interface and supports multiple resolutions, which makes streaming simple.


It offers numerous titles from places like Japan or the USA without any charges, making it another great option for anime viewers.



This platform is full of content that you can watch for free without having to sign up or deal with annoying ads. Users can also comment and discuss each episode of the shows or films being watched on the site.

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There’s a comprehensive list of titles curated by its users, making it easier to select what they are searching for instead of waiting for updates like other streaming sites. Animeland even allows users to download episodes on different devices to watch offline whenever they want.



This platform suits Android users interested in anime shows across different genres. In addition, Anime Heaven offers hundreds of titles with no sign-up procedure required.



Unlike other platforms, KissAnime offers a variety of content that can be streamed directly from its website and offers download options, making it one of the favorite options for those who want to watch shows offline.



It is a great place for anyone looking for easy information on all kinds of cartoon or anime-related content available on this platform, with new episodes frequently added. What’s more? This streaming website also provides ratings and reviews, which can be used before selecting any TV show or movie series.



Despite fewer videos in its library than other platforms, Anime-Planet is a great choice. Offering enough content to suffice its viewers’ needs while not having any charges whatsoever, it is an ideal option for many.



It has one of the most important libraries for anime shows, making it unbeatable among competitors. What’s more? The user interface design remains user-friendly and updated, with the latest episodes being added almost daily!

Justdubs FAQs

Is Justdubs still in business?

Unfortunately, no. Justdubs was shut down permanently in 2021 due to its platform not being maintained and all its services and licenses being terminated.

Can I watch anime shows on sites like Kissanime or Gogoanime now that Justdubs is unavailable?

Yes! You can stream content on other websites, including KissAnime and GogoAnime.

Are there other sites similar to Justdubs?

Yes, plenty of alternatives provide different genres of shows like manga, anime, etc., with some even having additional features! However, due to the popularity, Justdubs has acquired over time, people may need help to get accustomed to these new platforms.

Is it Safe and legal to watch content on these streaming sites?

Yes, almost all streaming websites offering anime shows are safe and legal to use as long as you don’t download any content without permission from the copyright holder.

What type of offers do some alternatives like Crunchyroll come with?

Besides providing access to a huge library filled with popular titles, Crunchyroll also has Premium membership packages that offer HD quality videos at lightning speeds and various discounts on manga books and series.


Despite the closure of Justdubs, anime fans worldwide needn’t worry; there are still many sites available to find their favorite content, with some even having better features than before! We hope this article finds a perfect replacement for Justdubs while clearing out certain doubts regarding anime streaming websites.

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