Myths And Facts About VPN

by Sachin

VPN or Virtual Private Network is a popular technology, mostly known to all in IT. However, off-late a lot of individuals and business associates, traveling to a foreign land, have also started using the VPN service. So, let’s first understand what exactly a VPN service is?

VPN is a technology that allows you to remotely access your documents saved on the office computer or your laptop, from anywhere and at any time. The best part about using a VPN is that it keeps your online communication exchange, secure, and protected from the evil third eye.

How Does The VPN Work?

Typically, a VPN connection is established either between a VPN client and a VPN gateway, or it could also work between two VPN gateways. As the name suggests, it’s a virtual network, which works as a secured tunnel, through which all the information passes. This information is encrypted so that nobody can read or view your actual communication. Through the process of encrypting data, the VPN secures your online activity and saves it from being stolen or misused.

According to a recent report, only 25% of internet users across the globe use VPN. This means that the rest 75% either are unaware of it or are not sure about how a VPN can help them. Also, there are a lot of misconceptions about the VPN, so let’s look at some of the facts and myths on the VPN.

. VPN Is Only To Skip Censorships

A lot of people think that VPN is needed only in countries with strict internet usage policies like China and Iran. But the truth is that irrespective of where you are, securing your online activity is a must. We have heard of enough instances where people have lost critical data through public Wi-Fi connections. These losses sometimes are so expensive that it takes a long time to bounce back from them. A VPN is one way through which you can secure your identity online. 

. Not All VPNs Are Illegal

If you are using a VPN for legal purposes, then you are safe. Your activities on the VPN connection can be easily traced, and therefore any illegal activity will result adversely. However, we would not recommend the use of free VPN service; it is best to use a paid VPN service which is cheap and reliable

. Free VPNs Do Log Your Information

If you are using a free VPN connection and are thinking that your information is not being leaked or shared through the free server, then you are wrong. Only paid VPNs with excellent market credibility can promise 100% data privacy. Free VPNs earn by selling your data to advertisers, so if you are latched to a free VPN, then be ready to be flooded by advertising mails and calls.

.  All VPN Service Providers Are Not The Same

Before you pay for a VPN service, check the credibility, the offerings, and, most importantly, the countries where the VPN provider has its existence. While all of them would promise 100% security and encryptions, not all are equipped to do so. Therefore, your selection should be on the following criteria.

  1. Customer reviews about the VPN provider. This includes the user experience of installing and using the software
  2. Customer Service is another important aspect. Choose a VPN provider who can globally support you and provide resolutions and support even at 2 am.
  3. The VPN connection should work on multiple devices simultaneously. You should not settle for 2 or 3 devices; make sure that the VPN can connect with a minimum of 5 devices at the same time.

The Final Word:

With the rise in online fraud cases globally, the importance of a reliable VPN connection has been validated by all. However, it is essential to research thoroughly and be aware of what you are choosing. The easiest way is to pick the big names in VPN like Express VPN and Nord VPN. Additionally, refer here to know which VPN provider suits your needs and works in different countries. The right decision will make your online experience secure and enjoyable. 

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