Product Photography For Jewellery Ecommerce

by Sachin

Jewelry photography is a kind of product photography that is needed for jewelry presentation and jewelry exhibitions. The resulting photos can be used for the catalog of the online stores, advertising, publications on social networks, etc. Thanks to three types of jewelry photos which are product photography, lifestyle images, and editorial photography the eCommerce conversion rate can be significantly increased. 


How Qualitative Jewelry Photos Improve Conversion 

Smart entrepreneurs know that making a good product is only half of the work. Another is to convince people to buy this product. Among various solutions, the one with the implementation of qualitative photos might be the best, and here is why. Due to various researches conducted to discover how visual images influence customers’ attitudes towards online products, (including jewelry) it was found that about 92 percent of users are tending to buy from those online sources that have high-quality photographs presenting their goods. Not a great surprise that revenues of those jewelry companies who use professional photography services of popular studios a much bigger when compared with those skimping to spend some money either on qualitative photography equipment or on professional photography services from experts. Even a few high-resolution photos having not less than 500 pixels can turn the attention of potential buyers looking through the landing page that offers jewelry. Furthermore, well-tagged & logically named product photographs with a short description will help Internet users to better find the desired pieces of jewelry. Also, making the brand photo can help customers to memorize products of the exact distributor or manufacturer company and ease the search for them when they will decide to make a repeat purchase.

How Jewelry Photos are Made

If product photography requires photographs that show how the jewelry looks on a person, then models with appropriate clothing, makeup, and hairstyle are needed. The process looks pretty simple. However, it is not. First, the photographer arranges the background and lighting for shooting – solely this is a complicated task. Then a photographer makes pictures of the goods taking into account the light, shadows, and the most appropriate angles for the perfect view.  Then starts the processes of photos’ retouching during which the photographer transforms the semi-raw photos into the specially-designed photography masterpiece that further can be used to increase the conversion rate of particular jewelry. After the desired high-resolution photos were received they can be compressed for publication in the catalog of the online store or social networks as well as websites and landing pages so frequently used to present various jewelry shops.

Where to Use Jewelry Photos 

If you need jewelry photographs for an online store, then catalog photography service would be suitable for you. Catalog photography of jewelry is the photography of a large number of products in one style. Each unit is photographed from different angles. Finally, the client receives several photos of the same piece of jewelry made from various angles. Thus, a potential buyer can understand how the product looks. Usually, the cameraman takes about 3-4 photos of the same jewelry unit. However in the case, if it is complex or made of too many pieces, he can take more photos.

Catalog photography of jewelry is carried out on a white, gray or black background. Also, photographing jewelry can be done in front of other colors when they suit the general jewelry concept. Professionals use even leather, decorative paper, wood to make the perfect setting. 

The choice of background for the subject photography of jewelry should be done taking into account the individual jewelry style and the design of the website or landing page of the online store where wanted to be used to increase the target audience’s interaction. Expert photography for eCommerce can turn online jewelry realization into a smooth and simple process when clients already know everything important and have the real image of the product when making their purchase.


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