Project Free TV – Does It Work? 17 Best Project Free TV Alternatives In 2023

by Sachin

 As viewers of television shows, we, as an audience have evolved in more than one way. From the choice of content and the languages in which we prefer to watch our favorite TV shows, our demand for the channel for viewing these shows has also scaled in different directions.

In the past, websites like project free TV have gained a huge fan following, owing to a large number of shows which were uploaded and available for live streaming on the platform. Ever since its inception, Project Free TV became the landing ground for lakhs of people, who enjoyed viewing drama shows on the platform, at no cost. The only prerequisite to watch the shows for free was an active internet connection, which was reliable enough to stream the shows without interruption.

What came as a free offering to the audience, became a huge sensation for each one of those who were active on the platform. However, with the first shut down of the website in 2015 came the first incidence of doubt from the audiences! People had become glued to the concept of the website and wanted to continue enjoying their viewing experience.

When the website made a comeback, there was obvious speculation if the same was from the erstwhile managers or someone else. Later, the website made a complete disappearance in 2018, leaving people looking for alternatives to Project Free TV. Here are some of the best options for streaming television shows through the internet, which work as perfect alternatives to Project Free TV.

Does It work?

Unfortunately, after taking it on with the big competitors in this arena, Project Free TV finally ended streaming movies and shows in 2018. Some attribute the shutdown to large players like Netflix and Amazon, who were losing their customers to platforms such as Project Free TV, where everything was aired free of cost. For obvious reasons, it was concluded that it might have been the reason why Project Free TV finally ended streaming. However, for those who had been connected to the platform in the past, it was one of the best sources of entertainment for them.

Best Alternatives To Project Free TV In 2023


Perhaps one of the best alternatives to Project Free TV, Fox+ is one of the leading platforms which offers the chance to view television shows online. Although it is still not available in every Asian country, it truly promises to offer an exciting experience to those who are connected with it. Viewers can browse from a list of available TV shows and watch them on-demand, on their mobile, PC, tablet or any other supported platform. It even allows the viewers to download their favorite shows and watch them when they are not connected to the internet. Fox+ is largely popular for its collection of western shows and movies. Simply create an account on the website to access the content and browse for more shows on the go.


Perhaps not the usual choice, if you were to dig deep enough, you will discover an altogether different side to this popular video streaming platform. From drama shows to complete movies, there is a lot that can be found on YouTube for your entertainment. The classical attraction about this platform comes from the fact that it has a host of active users from all over the world, who are responsible for adding regular content on the platform. This means that it is continually updated with fresh content that can be streamed on a wide array of digital devices. Being free, it also involves certain advertisements in between the streaming, which is the only downside of this platform. 

TV Player

Popular among viewers and audiences in the United Kingdom, TV Player is among the highest media streaming platforms today. Easily accessible from the desktop and mobile, the platform provides access to over 95 different channels for viewing by free subscribers. The high definition links which can be viewed by the subscribers is regarded as some commendable feat for a platform such as this one. The variety of genres across which viewers can watch content and ease of accessibility is something that makes this platform highly favorable and admired. Like most other platforms, it supports its operations on advertisements which can be seen prominently in between the streams.


Not exactly meant for proper television streaming, Metacafe is an exciting and trending video sharing platform, which allows people to share a variety of short clips across different content niches. It is one place where you are bound to come across the best viral videos of the moment. From highlights to events, DIY’s, reviews and much more, this platform invite people to share content across an array of categories. The seamless interface of the platform makes it easier for users to upload and share different videos with ease, which further enhances the scale at which content is viewed on the platform. Metacafe is an excellent place to search for fresh and viral content, composed of short videos, for free. If you are someone who is interested in South Korean content, this is the place to browse. 


If you are someone who finds interest in viewing movies from other countries, it might be somewhat hard, particularly in your country. This is where Viu brings a change for you, making it possible to view a wide array of movies and drama on your digital device, right at the comfort of your home. Ranging particularly around Australia, India, Japan, the USA and UK, Viu brings a variety of content from these countries on your device. The platform also offers a premium subscription option where viewers can watch their desired movies and shows without the interruption of advertisements.


Perhaps the number one trending platform in 2023, Netflix is one of the best video streaming source for movie buffs today. The process goes through a login process, which is necessary to set up an account on the platform. After this, you can enjoy watching a variety of sitcoms and movies from across the library on Netflix. To assist the users, Netflix also provides suggestions based across a variety of categories. For a period of one month, you can stream across Netflix for free, after which, you can opt for a paid subscription. One of the best features of Netflix is that there are no annoying advertisements to hamper your viewing experience.


Hulu brings the benefit of quality and diverse content on your digital devices, making it one of the best alternatives to Project Free TV in 2023. Hulu is a ground for thousands of movies for those who love to browse and watch movies on the go. The high-quality content available on Hulu comes with a subscription that will steal your boredom and give you a bucket full of options to browse. The available options on the platform are changed and refreshed every month so that you always have something fresh to watch and enjoy. The organized categorization of movies on the platform ensures that the subscriber finds something new to watch every time. 

Tubi TV

Perhaps not top on the chart, Tubi TV is another great alternative to Project Free TV that offers a variety of movies and televisions shows for its viewers. There is a great collection of shows in the library at Tubi TV, which can be accessed by creating an account and confirming it over email. Later, you will only need to log in to the website to gain access to the large variety of movies and shows on the platform.

Amazon Prime Video

Of late, Amazon Prime Video has been gaining immense popularity as a video streaming platform, while it was formerly in fame for its eCommerce business operations. Same as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video is designed around categorized movies and sitcoms across multiple languages, which offers a diverse variety of content to the viewer. Since the platform is connected to amazon, a user can also claim a variety of offers and deals, based on his subscription to the original platforms. It is one of its kind of platform which offers nearly six months of a free trial period to eligible students.


If you are looking for a mix of fresh as well as existing and old movies, you can always hit it up on the search bar at Crackle. It is also a unique platform that streams a variety of anime content, making it widely different and a standalone alternative to Project Free TV for such content.


Hooq manages to stand out among its rivals as one of the most unique alternatives to Project Free TV. You will find almost all updated and trending movies on this platform from all over Hollywood and Asia. Each of them is classified and organized across various categories, giving the viewers an excellent browsing experience. Hooq derives the best user patronage owing to its wide collection of Asiatic shows.


The classic platform, bringing its classic shows to you on a digital device, along with much anticipation and excitement. When you make an account on HBO Now, you will be able to access the entire library from HBO on your smart device. Do not miss out on HBO Now and make sure that you browse it from time to time to catch the trending shows in 2023. 


To the audience residing in South East Asia, streaming choices of shows and movies used to be limited, especially because Project Free TV was not accessible in this region. This is where iflix fills in the gap for the audience. The viewers can browse for a variety of movies and shows from all over the world on this platform. Each of them is subdivided and categorized in different sections for ease of browsing. Once you register yourself at the platform, you will be able to access the trending shows and movies on the platform.


Vudu provides an option not only to stream a movie but also to download it. This platform is a collection of trending and hit movies that have released in the past. It is possible to check the platform for such movies and find a download link to these.

Snag Films

A fan of indie movies? Welcome to Snag Films, a platform that provides access to some of the rarest indie movies on the web, which you may otherwise find non – existent on other platforms such as Project Free TV. This is also one place where you are sure to find all types of documentaries and independent movies. For this reason, it is a must to check out for those who love to watch something out of the box. 


Same as YouTube, Vimeo was launched as one of the first sites that provide free HD videos to its users. At the same time, it also allows users to upload original content on the website. It was launched even before YouTube and commands a serious fan following to date. Over the years, it has also become a platform where several movies have been uploaded for users to view.

Pluto TV

An excellent alternative to Project Free TV, Pluto TV offers a host of exciting and enjoyable content for the users to watch. Operationally, Pluto TV is quite different from most other platforms. Unlike other platforms where you can specifically choose a movie or a show to watch, you will have to settle in with a channel that you watch. Consequently, you will only be able to view the content which is being aired on that channel at the moment. However, there is a variety in the type of programs that are aired on these channels, making it possible for the viewers to decide which channel they would like to view.


Project Free TV might have been the source of entertainment for one in many as recently as two years back. However, now that there are a huge number of alternatives to the platform, there is no doubt that users have a wider choice in picking the shows they would like to watch and the content that they could not watch earlier.

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