[SOLVED] Ps4 Controller Wont Turn On – 7 Effective Strategies To Address The Issue [2023]

by Sachin


  • It is understanding the root cause of the PS4 controller issue.
  • Several effective solutions to address the problem.
  • Importance of fixing the problem for a seamless gaming experience.

What’s the Ideal Scenario Without the ps4 controller won’t turn on Issue?

The ideal scenario is a smoothly functioning PS4 controller, allowing seamless gameplay without interruptions or hiccups.

Ideal Scenario Without the ps4 controller wont turn on

Case Study: When Does the ps4 controller won’t turn on? Does an Error happen?

Usually, users report this Issue after charging their controller or posting a system update. The controller refuses to turn on despite the battery being full.

Initial Diagnosis: Have You Tested These Measures?

Before diving into the leading solutions, ensure you’ve restarted your PS4 system and tried connecting the controller to other devices to rule out device-specific issues.

Initial Diagnosis ps4 controller wont turn on

The Significance of Rectifying ps4 controller won’t turn on:

Not addressing the ‘ps4 controller won’t turn on’ Issue can hinder your gaming experience, making the console unusable.

Interactive Guide: 7 Functional Strategies to Address ps4 controller won’t turn on:

SOLUTION 1: Tap the PS button a few more times

Sometimes the controller just needs a few more taps to respond.

PS4 controller PS Button

SOLUTION 2: Put the PS4 in safe mode, plug in the controller

Safely putting the PS4 and connecting the controller can help reset minor glitches or issues.

PS4 safemode with controller

SOLUTION 3: Reset the controller

On the back of the controller, there’s a tiny reset button. Use a pin or paper clip to press it. This action often resolves many connectivity issues.

PS4 controller reset button location

SOLUTION 4: Check the battery

If the controller isn’t receiving any power, open it and inspect the battery. Consider swapping batteries with a working controller to determine if that’s the problem.

PS4 controller battery check

SOLUTION 5: Examine the charging port

If changing the battery doesn’t work, inspect the charging port for damages.

PS4 controller charging port

SOLUTION 6: Firmware Update

Ensure your PS4’s software is updated. Outdated firmware can sometimes cause connectivity issues with accessories.

PS4 firmware update

SOLUTION 7: Contact Support

If none of the above solutions work, contact PlayStation Support for further assistance. They have dedicated tools and expertise to help you out.

Contact Support

How to Prevent ps4 controller won’t Turn on Error in the Future

Regularly updating your PS4, avoiding physical damage to the controller, and using a quality charging cable can prevent such issues.

Final Thoughts:

While it can be frustrating when your PS4 controller won’t turn on, the above solutions can help rectify the problem. If all else fails, don’t hesitate to contact professional support.


Why does my PS4 controller flash white and not turn on?

This usually indicates a connectivity issue between the controller and the PS4 console.

How long should I charge my PS4 controller?

It typically takes about 2 hours for a PS4 controller to charge fully.

Can I use a PS5 controller on my PS4?

While the PS5 controller is designed for the newer console, it can be used on a PS4 with limited functionality.

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