Smart Home Security Systems You Should Consider

by Sachin


Protecting yourself is a natural instinct. People have built castles in the past just to protect themselves, therefore, keeping your walls up and a few cameras installed is not the worst thing you can do. In fact, in a world where crime rates are going as high as the sky, you can be sure that you’re not guaranteed safety and immunity from these events. You can be robbed, your house broken into or worse. Sure, nobody can save your marriage nor offer you tools to help you figure out how to catch a cheating spouse but you can save your house. Let’s take a look at all the security systems available in the market.


Let’s start with a company that has been awarded the best home security numerous times now. The key feature that Frontpoint has managed to provide its clients is the ability to install everything from the front door lock system to the indoor cameras themselves. This makes it easier for people to be able to rely on the system as their own since they are the only ones who know where they’ve planted what. Frontpoint offers everything from basic security to wireless light control systems. This makes Frontpoint not only great for security but a smart and elegant system that has a cool, modern and sophisticated theme.

ADT Security

ADT has come in second on our list as it is also a very advanced security system that has divided its partnerships into three packages. The essential package, the total protection package and the best one, the premium package. While the essential package has the basic security needs being met along with backup batteries, window sensors, motion detectors, alarm sirens and a digital keypad on your front door, the premium and total protection packages have a little more to offer. The Safewatch CellGuard is something that they give in the Total Protection package which is basically the ability to reach the system using mobile data without relying on telephone lines. The premium package, however, offers even more. You get the ADT Pulse that allows you to use the whole system on your phone.


Vivint aims to provide a home security system that also regulates house temperatures and helps keep the eco-friendly stature of the house. Providing you all the basic security system features that all other companies are to provide if they wish to become reliable from monitoring cameras to 24/7 support from specialists. Recently, they’ve been launching these SkyControl Panels that enable you the usage and management of the house security system through a tab. With their sensors installed, you can always rely on them to notify you of the movements and anomalies detected instantly.

Protect America

America’s very own Protect America home security systems are famous for their services across the country, delivering all that they promise in their packages. Protect America provides its clients with motion sensors installed in windows and doors and all entryways and cameras with night vision planted across all hallways to allow you a full view of what’s happening around your property and even if something goes wrong, you can rely on the smoke detectors and security checks in place to take care of the problem for you. Home automation systems are available to help you manage the house without having a lot of trouble figuring out how to handle everything individually. Since they are using the modern equipment, they don’t require a nasty setup that involves deconstructing parts of your house to install the system. Most of it is wireless and doesn’t take much to install. However, you might take a while to get used to the controls and alerts.

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