19 Super Solarmovie Alternatives in 2023- Time to Experience the Fun!

by Sachin

Are you looking for exciting alternatives to solarmovie as a movie streaming site? Then look no further! Read on and find out about the amazing 19 superior Solarmovie alternatives available in 2023 that are sure to keep you entertained.

Introduction and its Features.

Solarmovie is a popular video streaming website which offers a wide selection of movies, TV shows and occasional anime series to its loyal viewers. However, as time marches on in 2023 new streaming sites have come up with their own features that may be more suited for some consumers than the solarmovie options. Now let us delve into 19 efficient Solarmovie alternatives perfect for the year 2023!

Current Status of Solarmovie in 2023.

For those unfamiliar with it, Solar Movie is a popular video streaming website which has thousands of movies in its database. The site gained immense popularity due to its convenient user-friendly interface and quality streams for great value through streaming illegally sourced content. In 2023, since the site has been taken down by authorities, more alternatives such as those listed below were created to compensate for what had been lost with Solar Movie’s disappearance

Best Solarmovie Alternatives you should try in 2023


Putlocker is an online streaming site for movies and TV shows. The unique characteristics of the site lie in its user-friendly design, search function and sorting range which can organize videos according to genre or year released. It also offers a personalized movie library tracking feature where users can sign into different accounts on each device they use to watch their favorite shows/movies without having to switch between devices while accessing the same material.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is a free streaming service where users can view Hollywood blockbusters, recent hits and classics without needing to sign up or join any membership plan. It also carries new episodes of some current TV series shortly after they air if available The site offers decent stream quality with organized content which one can look through movie categories/genres such as Anime Action, Comedy Sports etc. Movies are updated weekly on the platform and they also have an amazing App available on all streaming platforms.


123 Movies is one of the most well-known and go-to sites for movie streams. It has a wide variety of titles from both current hits and those that are considered “classics” and reunites users with old favorites in HD quality too. They provide organized library listings, multiple stream options for viewers of varied connection speeds, a TV series tracker feature to follow shows and even a section for “Top Viewed” items for users who are unsure what to watch next.


The Movie Stars service is an up-and-coming player in the streaming realm. It offers a solid movie selection with quality streams at no cost, but its real appeal lies within its innovative feature of custom list creation capabilities The platform allows you to build playlists (called ‘Starcards’), compile lists of beloved films or TV shows and can even be shared with other users.


You’re likely to recognize the name Yes Movies as one of the popular sites for streaming films & television Online. Like most services, it offers content in multiple languages including English Spanish French German etc2 It also has high-quality streams enabled by its search option ‘VIP mode” which ensures better viewing experiences from different sources available on the site.


The service Vumoo is another amazing solarmovie alternative for film buffs looking for quality streaming options in 2023. It provides not only movies but also high-definition TV shows with up to 1080p resolution and multiple video format choices such as 3D & HD versions and even has an auto-reload feature where the next episode begins after the last ends! The platform is updated constantly so new content is added often and the search function allows one to easily locate desired material.


PutLockers 2 work similarly to PutLocker but with a larger movie library! The site has over 17,000 movies & TV episodes that can be streamed for free in HD quality or lower resolutions as needed if the internet connection is not ideal3 It also features its own versions of Torrents & magnet links download option so users may choose how they want to access their films.


Hulu is a subscription-based service from an American entertainment giant and has been around for a little over a decade With its large selection of movies & television shows, subscribers have access to both older content that may not be available elsewhere as well as current hits It also offers channels which can be added on per individual basis so users could add niche options such as HBO Spike or Showtime the full streaming package.

Yify TV

Yify TV aims to be the “Netflix of independent films” as it offers largely smaller and independent movie titles for streaming One special feature is its sortable list by IMDB & Metacritic ratings which allows users to select, watch, or discard all options according to personal preference The site also provides a free downloading option with no effort needed so that downloaded material can be kept even after being taken off Yify library!


Tubi TV is an old reliable designed for watching movies & television shows without spending any money It boasts over 10,000 titles from selected categories allowing viewers to watch 5 different times to expiration date4 This makes it one of the best solarmovie alternatives out there perfect if you have limited budget yet still need quality movies!


Sister platform Vumoo offers even more film options than its solo counterpart though both sites offer similar features The selection collection o Vumoo. Space is larger boasting over 20,000 titles which include close to 10K television shows along with 4K streams or even lower definition if desired by viewers! Also, they have a unique feature where any user can create “packages” of their favorite films & TV series to be shared/recommended with friends and family members on social media sites like Twitter Facebook Google + etc


PutLocker Watch understands the needs of moviegoers who want unlimited content with minimal effort. It’s a website designed to make it easy for people to find what they’re looking for quickly and offer downloadable options as well! They have the latest movies TV shows anime at instant disposal along with way download from a list search feature that sorts contents by genre rating year etc



While IOMovies focuses primarily on television programming, it also provides thousands of film titles which can be found sorted into various categories. It also has rather a large film collection which comes with a search engine so they are easy to find. The video player is where this streaming service stands out five-star reviews given its quick loading speeds and compatibility with an even wide range of devices (including Chromecast) to use stream movies right onto TV!


WatchFlix seeks to give viewers content that big networks missed due to their too-conservative viewpoint but still provided quality viewing pleasure. It has a wide range of genres matched unique video player that can be manipulated so content looks best on any device The platform also offers both HD & SD quality movie streams because internet connections vary and tons of subtitles supported


Trying watch recently released television shows? LookMovie is all to provide access latest movies and TV series, though some older titles are available as well Its track feature is a great way to keep tabs on desired shows or flicks being watched Without spending dimes viewers can then organize their favorites into custom categorized lists for later viewing.


Engineered by the same company behind Yify TV, this streaming site has various independent movies & micro-budget titles which may be hard to find elsewhere The service also boasts a “Smart Search” system which enables users specific films according to various metrics like director cast genre etc It is updated weekly so fresh content be added while old pieces removed and downloads allowed even less reliable.


Afdah offers tens of thousands of films to its customers for free and allows downloads. Furthermore, it let its audience watch via full HD resolution or lower variants such as SD & VCD5 streaming may take a little bit longer than regular due extra encoding process but sound video players make the wait worthwhile! Also, the unique “history” feature saves the film when the user wishes to return to it at a later time without going through the entire catalog.


What could describe it better than its “Comic-Con for movie maniacs” label? CONtv streaming service matches those seeking the content of genres such as Action Horror Sci-Fi Thriller Romance with a perfect solution however, it also adds sections devoted entirely to Japanese Anime classics Its library has over 1500 movies & shows (many of which can only be found here) that come free price tag!


If you’re looking for movie titles not typically broadcast within regular channels, then Moonline is perfect although registration & downloading skills may need employed services they offer to come without hidden charges. The list genres include classics like Comedy Horror Fantasy as well as some modern releases that are streamed or purchased outright

Solarmovie FAQs

What happened to solarmovie?

Solarmovie was taken down by authorities due to its streaming of illegally sourced content.

Where can I watch movies and TV shows for free without solarmovie?

There are many alternatives available such as Putlocker, 123Movies, TubiTV and Hulu which offer access to a variety of genres at no cost.

Are there any legal alternatives to solarmovie?

Yes! Services such as Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime Video are all legally licensed streaming sites.

Is there anywhere I can find similar content to that of solarmovie?

Yes, streaming sites such as 123Movies and Putlocker contain movies and TV shows comparable to those found on solarmovie.

Are any of these alternatives free?

Some offer limited access for free with the optional upgrade available for a fee (Netflix, Hulu Plus etc). Other options are completely free services like Putlocker, Yify TV and Movie Stars.

Are these alternative sites safe to use?

There are certain risks associated with streaming movies & TV shows online via unlicensed services which could be illegal in the country you’re viewing them from. That said, there is no definitive answer as this may vary depending on one’s location. Therefore ultimately it is up to viewers to use their own discretion when using any of these alternatives as some may not be legitimate legal content.

What streaming devices are compatible with these alternatives?

Most online streaming sites and services work on multiple platforms such as PCs, Macs, iOS and Android apps or Chromecast setups which allow streaming to TV via an HDMI cable.


Users have a ton of options in 2023 when it comes to finding good solarmovie alternatives that value both quality and security. Although free sites do offer different features, it’s always important to consider the implications of streaming illegally sourced content when using any service. Therefore, use your own discretion and make sure that you don’t breach any local laws while enjoying hours’ of movie entertainment!

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