The Super Bowl Ad Campaigns To Look Out For In 2020

by Sachin

The Super Bowl frenzy has changed with the times, and this year there will be increased levels of online advertising around the big game, as well as a new wave of Super Bowl 2020 betting online thanks to the legalization of sports betting in many states. Some things remain the same though. The Super Bowl remains the preeminent television advertising opportunity in the US, with advertising spots going for as much as $5.6m a time for a 30-second slot

It’s an occasion for which the big brands usually pull out all the stops, and for some fans, the ads are as absorbing as the game itself. What can we expect from the advertising world when the NFL heads to Florida on February 2 for its big finale?


One of the most eagerly anticipated ads this year is by Olay. Reportedly inspired by last year’s all-female spacewalk, the Olay 2020 ad features Busy Philipps and Lilly Singh going into space along with Nicole Stott, a retired astronaut. The ad also includes Taraji P. Henson and Katie Couric and will link with the Girls Who Code project, which aims to encourage more girls into STEM programs.


This brand from the Kellogg roster is one of three well-known brands making their Super Bowl debut. The 30-second Pop-Tarts slot is set to appear towards the end of the first half. It will feature celebrity hairdresser Jonathan Van Ness apparently freaking out over a selection of boring pretzels, as a prelude to the launch of the new Pop-Tarts Pretzel. 


It has been a difficult few months for the social media behemoth, but the company is set to make one of the most eagerly anticipated Super Bowl ad debuts. Details of the ad itself are still being revealed, but we know that it will feature Chris Rock and Sylvester Stallone, with Stallone having teased the location of the commercial shoot on the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum through social media.


Communications company Verizon is aiming to make a big impact with an ambitious ad that it hopes will show how its 5G technology can boost the experience of the NFL fan, while also supporting those who serve and encouraging people to do things for their community. The ad campaign will begin with two spots in the AFC and NFC Championship games, which will then culminate with a slot in the Super Bowl itself. 

Avocados From Mexico

This will be the sixth year in a row that Avocados From Mexico will be advertising during the Super Bowl. This year’s ad is a 30-second slot that is reportedly a humorous take on the American obsession with the avocado. As with Verizon, the Super Bowl ad from Avocados From Mexico is the culmination of a wider campaign, which will reportedly be an interactive digital and social media push incorporating prizes as part of the overall consumer experience. 


Hyundai is a regular at the Super Bowl, and this will be its 12th Super Bowl slot in the last 13 years. This time around, the firm is going with a 60-second ad that is set to air during the game’s second quarter. A teaser for the ad featured the former Boston Red Sox baseball star David Ortiz receiving coaching on how to develop a Boston accent from comedian Rachel Dratch. It has also been reported that the Super Bowl ad itself will feature John Krasinski and Chris Evans, who are both from Boston. 

AB InBev

Beverage giant AB InBev will be pulling out all the stops for its Super Bowl campaign this year. The firm is set to contribute four ad slots during the Super Bowl, each 60 seconds long. Each slot will feature one of its main brands: Bud Light and Bud Light Seltzer, Budweiser, Michelob Pure Gold and Michelob Ultra. The firm has already started its Super Bowl ad push with a Bud Light campaign that has been running throughout the playoffs. 

Among the other notable brands set to feature in this year’s event are hummus brand Sabra (making its Super Bowl debut), Frito-Lay, Squarespace, Planters, SodaStream, and Snickers. As ever, both Pepsi and Coca-Cola will be aiming to make a splash on the biggest ad stage of all, and there are even slots set aside for President Donald Trump and a potential 2020 Democratic rival, Michael Bloomberg. So, sit back, open your favorite snacks, and enjoy the battle of the ads. 

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