9 Best Toyhouse Alternatives for 2023 to Suit All of Your Creative Needs

by Sachin

Introduction and Its Features

Toyhouse is a digital catalog where people can store, share, and display information about their creative projects. It has been helping artists express themselves through the medium since its inception in 2018. From comic book illustrations and 3D model artwork to fan fiction writing and custom art pieces, there’s no limit to what Toyhouse Toyhouse can be used for. Its features include creating custom profile pages and private galleries; hosting characters created by its users; creating separate collections for each of your projects; and managing collaborations with other artists.

Current Status of Toyhouse

Since 2018, Toyhouse has been evolving at a tremendous rate. In 2021, it reached peak registration numbers while launching many new additions, such as mobile apps, chat support, and easy uploads from other websites. It was also one of the first digital catalogs to offer users an insightful viewing statistics page. That being said, Toyhouse is far from alone in the current world of creative expression tools. Numerous challengers have entered the arena with innovative solutions for displaying people’s creativity.

Best Alternatives for Toyhouse


Destination URL: refsheet.net

Refsheet is a free online platform dedicated to helping artists build profiles for their imaginary characters and manage collections of artwork. It offers users a variety of customizability options, from profile page designs to menu system adjustments. It also allows individual art pieces to be marked as favorites or added to curated galleries, which gives it an edge over Toyhouse in terms of organizational capacity.



CharacterHub boasts some great features, including linking projects together in a network and creating tagged collections for easier navigation. It also supports collaborative workspaces that make it easy for people or entire teams to work on characters together in real-time from any location. Furthermore, Character Hub has an active development team responsible for listening to customer suggestions and implementing new features accordingly.


Destination URL: notebook.ai

Notebook is about streamlining project organization using context information like notes, tags, and relationships to pull up related search results. With a handy task list feature, it’s also great for staying on top of individual projects by setting due dates and reminders. Lastly, its efficient graph system allows users to connect their creations in any possible way, from complex webs of characters to dissociated pieces that could be used as starting points for graphic novels or game cards.

Realm Works

Realm Works is a digital folder structure designed to tap into storytelling’s power. It uses a storytelling engine to generate alternate events and encounters based on user input and create links between characters and locations. One great feature is its ability to merge universes by allowing users to import content from existing works such as Marvel or Star Wars, allowing hobbyists to build their own shared universe easily.


Scabard focuses on two key features: art tutorials and group projects. On the one hand, its expansive library of drawing guides helps users quickly master digital art techniques and easily create professional-looking pieces. On the other hand, it supports multiple-user collaboration for building creative worlds without switching between different programs or services.

World Anvil

World Anvil was made specifically for world builders looking to flesh out their settings in an interactive way. It has a vast database of lore information that can be sourced to develop characters, objects, and environments quickly. Its energy tracking system also allows users to keep track of influence dynamics between their creations engagingly and effortlessly.

Art Fight

Art Fight is a unique concept pioneered by Toyhouse; It’s a series of hub battles where artists compete against each other using artwork as fuel for victory. Art Fight should be on your radar if you’re interested in friendly competition or want to improve your skillset with constructive feedback from experienced professionals.

Furry Network

Furry Network offers a range of features for users dealing with furry-based projects. It has an easy profile-building system and supports personal creative efforts and team collaborations while using a sensible points system to reward active members. It also provides useful options such as budgeting tools, event reminders, and its marketplace, where merchandise related to the content posted on the site is sold.

Furry Amino

Furry Amino is a mobile-friendly platform that focuses on building an active community around creative projects created by its users. Alongside the usual customization options such as profile pages and galleries, it also provides comments sections so fans can interact with their favorite works of art more easily — which promotes further collaboration between like-minded individuals. It’s worth noting that while this isn’t strictly a creative platform, it still provides users with a great way to display their work.

Toyhouse FAQs

What kind of content can be put on Toyhouse?

Any content related to your projects or characters is accepted onto Toyhouse — such as artwork, writing, and video clips. However, offensive or illegal material will not be tolerated when using the service.

Can I use Toyhouse for collaborations with other people?

Yes, Toyhouse allows users to create separate collections specifically designed for collaboration. When two or more people are working on the same project, they can easily add it to their desired collection and quickly start making progress together.

Does Toyhouse have any private galleries available?

Yes, private galleries provide a way of sharing content with specific individuals you hand-pick. In addition, these galleries can be password protected, making you feel secure when presenting your works privately.

Is Toyhouse available on iOS and Android?

Yes, Toyhouse released its official mobile apps for both major operating systems in 2021 — making following up-to-date project activity as easy as a few screen taps.

Can I link projects together with Toyhouse?

Unfortunately, Toyhouse doesn’t support linking projects with any automated feature. However, it allows users to add discreet tags or notes for manually organizing their work if needed.


Toyhouse has been an invaluable asset when it comes to displaying creative projects and characters on a digital platform. On top of offering many helpful customization options, such as private galleries and task list management systems, Toyhouse now has an impressive mobile suite that makes catching up with works in progress a breeze.

However, 2023 has seen the rise of several great alternatives — each of them tailored to suit different requirements and projects. From collaborative group programs to world-building tools, this list of Toyhouse alternatives should have everything you need for expressing yourself creatively on the web for years to come.

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