10 Tech Gadgets and Accessories the Parents Must buy for their school going kids

by Sachin

Being a parent is not a journey of the easy road. Especially with the growing technology, the parents have to be more careful in handling the kids. You do not have the choice to beat them; join them. That’s the mantra parents of this knowledge era are following. Also, it is essential for the parents also to get aligned with the technology and its advancements to cope up with the children. They move ahead in lives smoothly and you, parents have only small choices left.

10 best Tech Gadgets that your school going kids need


Writing Tablets are essential for the school students, and it is found to be one of the eco-friendly products that are trending recently. Even many schools have encouraged their children to buy Tablets since it is a combination of notebooks, sketch boards, drawing pads and memo pads.

Many companies offer a tablet holder also as an accessory using which you watch the learning videos in the most comfortable position. There are many software plug-ins for kid’s writing table which can be the right tool for the academics and competency. There is enormous storage capacity, and it comes as a LED writer which does not harm your eyes.

 GPS trackers:

It is okay to be worried about your kids when they are not at home in their regular time. Especially when both the parents are working, it is a hard time to pass through this. Hey Mommy! And Daddy! Do not be worried anymore with these GPS trackers designed uniquely for the kids. It allows the parents to track the exact location of their kids.

Also, children love discovering new places. You are not going to miss them and offer them with the complete freedom of exploring. The portable GPS trackers are available at the pocket size, and you can fix it along with the school bags. No one can easily find out these trackers, and it can save your child probably.

Fitness Tracker:

This might sound crazy. But trust us fitness tracker is going to be the best kids tech product on the market soon. You may very well be aware of the fact that the physical activities for children are fading away and the problem of obesity is changing the medical industry. The kids are prone to chronicle diseases at the minimum age due to their diet and lack of exercise.

To keep them responsible for their health, the fitness trackers are helping in a significant way. Majority of them uses fitness trackers as a motivation for the kids. It is an ideal gadget to make children conscious about their health. Unlike fit bits, these trackers do not have to be connected with the smartphones.

Fidget Toy

You might have seen the three-headed objects in the recent times which grabbed a broad market space attracting the children in big time. Yes! the fidgets spinners are one of the traditional toys which are revamped and currently being targeting the children. It is officially proven by the health department as an anxiety reliever.

The kids are stressed very easily either due to the academic pressure or due to hormonal imbalance.  This fidget toy makes the children get rid of this anxiety. It helps them to calm and be composed of the situation. Even many adults are finding a significant impact while using this toy. It also improved a lot of concentration in studies and sports.

Audio Voice Recorders:

Audio Voice recorders are more like a Dictaphone used by the journalists in the olden days. You don’t have to let your children carry smartphones to their classrooms anymore. These recorders help you to record the lecturers taken at the school. The students and the parents can listen to this recorded session whenever they want to.

Even if the kids have any doubts, the parents can participate by listening to the audio file and clear the doubts easily. Also if your kid is in any extracurricular activities, you can record, rehearse and practice for the dance and drama. This will increase the confidence in any children, and you can help them to get rid of their stage fear easily.

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External Drive:

External Drive is one of the best hardware systems for the storage capacity. Nowadays the schools provide a large number of projects and activities. The students have to keep an eye on the records that they have finished. Also, it is easy for the parents even to track their performance in these projects.

To increase the many standard schools have designed a separate team that can support the school digitally. Hence there is an accumulation of resources provided, like videos, pictures, pdf, assignment sheets. Etc. Thus external drive could be the best choice for the school kids at your home.

Electronic Calculator:

We do not need an extra-long definition for why you need to buy an electronic calculator for your kid. Probably even adults have an extraordinary use over the calculator. These calculators come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. However, these calculators are convenient and easy to carry. The best time to buy the electronic calculator is when they start practicing the math tables.

Also, there are many types of the calculator. Starting from the basic arithmetic to the most scientific calculators are available. It is not just useful for the math subjects when they go for a higher standard even the science subjects will contain a lot of calculations.

Headphones and stereo:

It is a proven fact that music can always be healing therapy for any psychological disturbances.  For many youngsters, they go to extra classes to learn music. In that case, purchasing headphones and stereo could be more helpful. Ensure that you initially pick and provide them with the best collection of music later the kids can formulate his taste and create a new playlist. Also, these are not just meant for music, you can use them for the audio and video-based learning classes.


For the kids who have passed their middle school and entering the high school will require the portable router. It is one of the great gadgets that you can buy your kids, and they are going to love you today. For many high school projects and assignments, the content should always be well researched and unique.

Now schools have grown out of age, and they have the Wi-Fi quality as well for the students and the teachers. Also for any new information or news to be collected, it is mandatory to have a high speed internet access. They can even use the portable routers in the libraries and other labs.

Sudoku Game:

How many of the parents have actually tired the Sudoku game on the newspapers daily? This might sound childish, but Sudoku game can help you to exercise the brain cells to work actively. If you want to increase the strategic intelligence to your kids’ Sudoku game is the best thing to start with.

Help your kids to participate in the Sudoku challenges as much as they can, and they will excel at it quickly. Digitally Sudoku game is welcomed by many educational experts. Instead of playing some random game, this might distract the kids in the best way possible. It is not just math you have to use some logical brain to solve the Sudoku puzzle.

Wrapping Up:

If you have seen above, all the devices or gadgets are involving the parents to be with them even when you are not physically present. These technology and gadgets are just a channel through which you can utilize a quality time with the kids. Do not make these gadgets an alternative for the parent attention. There is always an expectation for the kids that they would require a personal connection and space to be shared with the parents.

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