4 Advantages of Using PDFs for Business Documents

by Sachin

Sometimes businesses use a wide range of formats to store their business documents, including DOC, XLS, TIFF and so on. However, Nowadays Portable Document Format (PDF) is more popular– and for good reason.

To put it simply businesses often prefer using PDF due to the fact that the format that has several advantages:

  • Platform-independent and easy to view

In contrast to other formats that are often designed to work on specific platforms, PDF is designed to be platform-independent and can be viewed on practically any device or platform including Windows, Mac, or UNIX. Most devices nowadays don’t require any additional software to view PDF documents as PDF viewers are often built-in or any newer browser can be used to view them.

For businesses, this means that there is no need to worry whether or not a PDF document will be able to be viewed by the recipient.

  • Maintains layout and formatting

Regardless of the platform or device that is used to view a PDF document, it will look exactly the same. That is crucial for businesses, as it means that any invoices, brochures or other material that is sent to customers will appear exactly the way that you want them to.

While some PDFs are just ‘images’ of pages, modern PDFs often incorporate numerous elements such as text, images, spreadsheets, graphs, and so on – all of which will look identical on any device or platform if they’re stored as a PDF document.

  • Supports compression

File size is an important factor that businesses need to take into account, especially when dealing with large documents or those that contain numerous images. Compared to most other formats PDF documents tend to have smaller file sizes due to the fact that they support various different types of compression algorithms.

By being able to reduce the file size of your documents and storing them as PDFs, you’ll find it easier to store or distribute them.

  • Numerous security features

When businesses use PDFs for their documents, they will be able to set up a number of different security features including password protection and access restrictions. That can be useful when dealing with sensitive documents or any documents that you want people to be able to view but not alter.

Additionally PDF documents can track any changes that are made so its authenticity can be verified, and also supports other options such as electronic signatures.

The only problem you may have with using PDF for business documents is that managing or editing PDF can be difficult due to the fact that there are limited options in terms of software. The good news is that nowadays there are user-friendly yet reasonably priced options like Movavi PDF Editor that you can use to learn how to merge PDF files Mac, extract pages, insert images, and more. In short, you should be able to take advantage of the benefits of PDF documents while easily managing and editing them as required.

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