Explore 12 Mangastream Alternatives to Enjoy Unlimited Manga Reading!

by Sachin

Introduction and its Features

Mangastream has been one of the world’s leading online manga sites since 2009. It offers a wide selection of titles covering both classic genres like shonen, shojo, romance, and horror and more modern ones such as seinen and yuri.

A great feature is its full library approach – while other manga portals may offer only a single series or chapter at once, Mangastream allows readers to enjoy the entire manga series. It even has an English language option for anyone who may find certain titles hard to understand.


Current Status of Mangastream in 2023

Mangastream’s popularity has snowballed exponentially over the last few years, and it continued to stand as one of the top online manga sites so far in 2023. While its library is vast, there can still be unfortunate moments when certain titles aren’t available or the website is down due to server maintenance.

This means that readers must look elsewhere for their daily manga fix, and luckily there are plenty of alternatives they can explore!

Explore these 12 Alternatives to Mangastream



MangaOwl has a well-organized library filled with thousands of series in various genres such as shonen, seinen, youkai thriller fantasy, romance and more.

It also offers a range of exclusive scan relations as well. This site is completely free to use, and it’s easy for anyone with a valid email address to register for an account.



MangaDex has all the classics like One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, and so much more in its library. It is constantly updated with new titles along with fan Scanlation that can be accessed on any device through its website or mobile app. It’s a great resource for all manga lovers.

MangaFox: MangaFox is one of the oldest websites in existence, and they’re still going strong. It requires no registration to access its library filled with classic and new titles all divided by genres like romance, comedy, horror etc.

Every month their collection grows even larger with newly added materials from both subs and dubs, giving fans more options to explore.



MangaHere offers a wide selection of manga series for readers who are looking for diversity in their manga. Their library includes both popular and obscure titles from a variety of genres, such as shonen, seinen, sports, horror and jaw-dropping ecchi.

Signing up to the site is completely free and only required for users who wish to download/upload fan scans or submit any content requests.

MangaTown: MangaTown has an easy interface that makes it convenient for readers to find the perfect series they’re looking for quickly on their own terms.

It has an impressive library covering all genres, and its well-organized sections give users the ability to easily sort through them. Downloading any titles here is absolutely free too!



MangaPan is another great resource for readers who want access to a wide selection of both classic and alternative manga series in multiple languages, including Japanese, Chinese, as well as English subs.

This website also provides weekly special deals where new releases can be purchased at lower prices than usual, making it even more attractive for readers.



Mangainn is renowned in the manga community and known to be a reliable source of many past titles such as Naruto, One Piece and Fairy Tail, amongst other fan favorites.

As well as its extensive library that includes both classic series and ongoing ones with chapters released every week, it also keeps users updated on new page updates of popular titles, so they’re always in the know!



MangaStream Today works much like Mangastream, where readers can access a selection of both classic titles and new releases for free.

This website also provides updated news about the world of manga as well as helpful tools such as character artist/writers compilations and even sometimes discounts for their loyal fans.



MangaPlus is an offshoot from Shueisha which focuses on uploading simulpubs or simultaneous publications in Japan and overseas with select languages available ranging from English and Spanish to Chinese.

Not only this but readers can also be updated with news about upcoming titles and discuss their thoughts in an active forum.



MangaPark isn’t for everyone, as it requires that users comment and rate before being able to download any of its content.

However, this website does provide 24/7 uptime, multiple mirrors if ever a series is down due to copyright issues as well as exclusive materials from other amateur Scanlation groups.



MangaReborn is an online data platform that compiles a variety of mangas from various sources into one place.

It has an extensive database with over 1000+ titles and various different genres, so readers are sure to find whatever series they’re looking for here.


ten manga

TenManga boasts itself as one of the leading manga websites, providing fans access to all sorts of scanlates regardless of language or country of origin, thanks to its international community support base.

Not only can users download freely, but they can also upload their favorite works and discuss these series with others!


Q: Is Mangastream legal?

A: Yes, Mangastream offers licenses from each publisher to ensure content is obtained legally. This means that readers are able to enjoy manga series safely and securely without worrying about any copyright infringement.

Q: Are the websites listed above free?

A: Most of the alternatives mentioned above require registration before accessing content which may include fees. However, most of them offer parts or sometimes entire series for free.

This varies from site to site, but generally, readers are able to find content without having any payments involved!

Q: How do I know when new chapters are uploaded?

A: Most websites will have a calendar detailing upcoming releases or news tickers, or in some cases, there might also be newsletters that update subscribers with the newest information. You can also follow social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to keep up with the latest releases.

Q: Can I use Mangastream on my phone?

A: Yes! Most of the websites listed above have mobile applications allowing readers to access them using their phones or tablets. This means you can stay updated and enjoy reading manga series wherever you go, regardless of device type.


Mangastream has been one of the leading online manga sites since 2009, and although it is still going strong, there are plenty of alternatives that fans can indulge in.

Be it classic series or lesser-known ones, there is no shortage of options available, so readers never miss a chapter while they wait for Mangastream’s servers to be up and running again.

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