19 rtings Alternatives for 2023 – A Comprehensive Guide

by Sachin


RTINGS is the ultimate source for consumer electronics ratings and reviews. It has been a go-to website for millions of people looking to make an informed decision on their purchase. Since it started in 2009, over 50 million customers have trusted its honest and unbiased reviews of TVs, speakers, headphones, car stereos, gaming consoles, and other consumer electronics. With its comprehensive ratings based on real-world tests and laboratory measurements, people come to RTINGS for trustworthy reviews.


In the past decade, RTINGS has kept up despite the continuous influx of new competitors like Digital Trends and TechRadar, largely because the website has a reliable reputation for honest consumer electronics reviews. As a result, millions of people still go there to find unbiased reviews.

Best RTINGS Alternatives

While it is an excellent source of information, other websites may offer opposing viewpoints that can help you make a more informed decision on your next purchase. Here are 19 alternatives to RTINGS that will give you an abundance of options when shopping around this year:

1) Digital Trends

A digital lifestyle media publication with extensive coverage of consumer electronics, digital technology, and gadgets. Unlike RTINGS, which gets technical with lab measurements and reviews based on real-world tests, Digital Trends provides casual insights from its buyers’ guide section, making it great for readers who want an easy-to-understand introduction before they dive deep into the specs of each product.

2) TechRadar

A technology news website focusing on hardware products such as televisions, sound systems/audio equipment, and smartphones. The website publishes detailed guides on these topics, emphasizing their features, prices, and expert reviews.

3) PCMag

An American technology website specializing in PC hardware, software, peripherals, and services reviews in-depth analysis of consumer electronics products such as tablets and laptops for users looking for the best performance at the lowest price point.

4) Tom’s Guide

A Technology & Lifestyle magazine made specifically to guide computer buyers when deciding what type of laptop or desktop is right for them. They tested various products and provided reviews on their performance to give buyers the best idea of how each product will fit their needs.

5) Consumer Reports

The oldest organization dedicated to providing unbiased testing and ratings on a wide variety of consumer Electronics, including computers/laptops, tablets, phones as well headphones Consumereports is one Stop resource for all if you are looking for objective advice from experts that millions have trusted over decades

6) AVS Forum

A home theatre forum dedicated to providing open and honest discussion between passionate individuals about video production and sound equipment. Members of the forum get together to give advice on speakers, amplifiers, and subwoofers that work well together based on each person’s needs and budget.

7) Sound & Vision

An online magazine dealing mostly in audio/video equipment reviews like hi-fi systems, headphones, and receiver comparison testings. They also publish many ‘how-to’ guides on speaker placements and optimizing sound systems.

8) Home Theater Review

One of the best sources for creating your home theater experience. The website publishes product reviews and recommendations on what type of components could work together depending upon user budget and expectations from a home theatre system they are looking to build.

9) Audioholics

An online forum providing guidance and advice for anyone interested in audio and home theatre. Audioholics provides detailed reviews on products like bookshelf speakers, power amplifiers, etc., and provides users with much-needed information to make the right decision before purchasing any product, depending upon the requirement.

10) TechSpot

A technology news website focused on delivering tech and computer-related products emphasizing hardware comparison specs of laptops and PCs. Unlike RTINGS, they also cover topics beyond televisions, making them a great source for both consumers and professionals who pair hardware with software to build networks, games, etc.

11) Gizmodo

A technology blog that was first made for gadget geeks but over the years has grown exponentially, covering a wide range of topics from car and bikes news and reviews as well product comparisons between major competitors like Apple AirPods, Samsung Gear, and many more.

12) Engadget

An American multilingual technology website/blog that covers phones, gaming consoles, laptops, televisions, and other consumer electronics items with reviews, news as well analysis of products.

13) The Verge

A technology blog that seeks to offer its readers in-depth tech reviews covering gaming, phones, media players, and audio/visually focused products but also covers topics like politics and culture related to advanced technologies available out there, which will give us perspective on how a product can be used even if people are unaware of what exists or think possible.

14 ) CNET

A leading technology website that specializes in reviewing and writing news about personal electronics, computers, and home appliances with an emphasis on the technical quality of the product.

15) The Wirecutter

An American website that offers a one-stop place to get a comprehensive review from experts before you buy any tech products online. And covers major categories like TV, speakers, headphones, etc.

16) Trusted Reviews

A British-based Technology blog that publishes a range of product comparisons/reviews for everyday tech gadgets like smartphones, tablets, games, and more. Unlike other websites that exclusively focus on home theatre systems, Trusted Reviews covers consumer products.

17) Technical Gear Lab

 A website for technology experience seekers and adventure lovers who are looking for comprehensive reviews about camping/ hiking gear, such as headlamps and backpacks, with a detailed comparison of their performance in real-world scenarios making it a great resource to find the right gear even if you do not have had a lot of knowledge before.

18) Just My Two Cents: Stan’s Tips

A personal blog from a Veteran in the audio/ video hardware world specializing in custom home theatre installations. His reviews are more inclined towards individual taste and less about technical professionalism, making it perfect for anyone considering the aesthetic aspect unyielding.

19) Audio Advisor

An excellent source for music lovers who want to bring the best possible sound experience with dedicated sections like speaker and amplifier reviews and music streaming services like Spotify, Pandora, etc.


Q1: What is RTINGS?

RTINGS is an independent, reliable source for reviews and ratings on consumer electronics such as TVs, video game consoles, amplifiers, speakers, and more. It has been around since 2009 and provides in-depth analysis of lab tests and the real-world performance of various products. Hence, customers are well-informed when making an informed decision.

What type of products does RTINGS rate?

RTINGS reviews a variety of consumer electronics, ranging from televisions to gaming consoles, car audio systems, and more. Each review is based on lab test results and real-world usage simulations, so you can be sure you’re getting the best product for your needs and budget.

Do I need to sign up or pay for a subscription to use RTINGS?

No, you do not need to register an account or subscribe to view RTINGS reviews. All of the content on the website is available freely and without any cost associated with it.

How often does RTINGS update its ratings?

Every rating and review published by RTINGS is updated quarterly as new information and products become available.

What other websites does RTINGS compare itself against?

RTINGS is often compared to review websites such as Digital Trends, Toms Guide, Consumer Reports, etc., which all provide their unique perspective on consumer electronic product ratings.


With so many sources of information available on the internet, it cannot be easy to know who to trust. Such uncertainty led to the rise in the popularity of RTINGS. RTINGS provides reviews based on honest and accurate testing of various products. With the alternatives above and other unbiased sources, you can make better buying decisions regarding consumer electronics!

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