Top 5 programming languages that are highly in demand

by Sachin

With the advancement and growth of the web development, it is necessary for every business to have a website which is responsive and up to date to attract more visitors. Career scope and future growth in this is so much high and attract many candidates towards it. This offers a platform to every candidate to make their career bright and successful.

Candidates can achieve different kinds of post and can easily start their career by getting PHP Jobs, Web Development jobs, Designing, Java developer jobs etc. Many IT or MNC’s companies offer best opportunities for both fresher and experienced candidates. All depends on your interest and market demand.  Do full research in whatever language you want to pursue your career. One of the top advantage to make a career in development is one can do both full-time work as well as work as a freelancer.

Popular Programming Languages used in Web Development

Brief About Web Development:

Web Development is a process of creating a website according to the need of business or to meet the user requirement. It contains making static and dynamic sites and encompasses several actions such as designing, content creation, network security, database designing etc.

Top programming languages:

  • JAVA: Java is highly popular application and web development language that is very trendy nowadays. This is an object-oriented and easy to learn & execute. It was developed by sun microsystem in the 1990s. It provides a standard platform for enterprises and mobile app developer, game developers around the world. It runs on every platform and support write once run anywhere facility.

It supports the feature like:

  • It is secure and robust in nature.
  • It is object oriented, simple to use.
  • It is easy to execute.
  • It must be threaded, dynamic and interpreted.


  • PHP: PHP is a server-scripting language and it is very popular for its use in web development. It is the most popular backend language and developers prefer to use this over any other language because of its simplicity. Some top websites such as Facebook, WordPress are built on PHP.

Some major important points:

  • It is an open-source and fast prototyping based.
  • It is compatible with UNIX based OS as well as Windows OS.
  • It can be easily embedded in HTML directly.


  • JavaScript: It is the most popular and dynamic languages that are used for creating and developing websites. This language is high-level, dynamic and prototype based and interpreted language. It is used to make interactive web pages and provide online programs, including video games.

JavaScript Supports:

  • It supports Event Driven, Imperative and Functional programming style.
  • It is highly structured language.
  • This is dynamic in nature that enables you to test the type of an object in many different ways.


  • Ruby: It is a dynamic programming language that allows users to create mobile apps and web pages. It offers an open-source platform that is not only easy to understand but simple to write. For those who are interested in creating small business software and for those who are in the field of creative designing, Ruby is the perfect programming language.

         Twitter, Scribd is built on using Ruby.


  • C: It is another general purpose and basic language among all others. It is widely used language that offers building platform for other languages like C++, Java, Phyton and many others. To understand some advanced languages one needs to understand the basic of it.

These are top 5 programming languages that are highly in demand. Other than this Python, CSS, C++ are other advanced languages.

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