16 Cartoon Crazy Alternatives for 2023- A Complete Guide!

by Sachin

If you are looking to watch cartoons and anime then look no further. The internet is now flooded with options to stream cartoon shows, movies, and much more. To make the choice easier here we have listed 16 Cartoon Crazy alternatives that will keep your family enthralled in 2023. Let’s take a closer look at each of these platforms to help you make the ideal selection.

Cartoon Crazy’s Alternatives

It’s been a few years since Cartoon Crazy first launched and it has become one of the go-to destinations for animation fans all over the world.

Numerous TV shows and movies have found their homes on Cartoon Crazy which makes it an exciting platform to check out if you haven’t already.


The obvious choice when people think of watching cartoons online is YouTube. Numerous cartoons and anime can be found on its platform but not in one central location. Each series is scattered across channels, though you can use the search option to help you quickly find what you’re looking for.

Cartoon Network

It’s no surprise that Cartoon Network is a popular choice when it comes to streaming cartoon content online. This dependable network has been providing viewers with cartoons since 1992 and offers plenty of well-loved classics as well as some of the newest released series.



One of the great things about kiss cartoon is that you don’t have to pay any money to watch the shows. It’s a convenient and accessible way to enjoy your favorite anime without spending anything.

Disney Junior

As well as Cartoon Network, an obvious choice for cartoons is Disney Junior. There are plenty of wholesome and educational shows to choose from on this platform which caters more towards a younger viewership demographic. The streaming service also offers movies and mini-series that your whole family can enjoy together too!



For those looking to keep up with their favorite anime then the first place to look would be Crunchyroll. This platform has been a popular choice for anime fans since 2006 due to its extensive range of titles as well as easy-to-use streaming abilities.



Another online streaming site worth checking out is Gogoanime which offers both cartoon series as well frequently updated new episodes too. Unlike some other services, Gogoanime also provides users with access to download episodes if they want to permanently store the content.



A site worth paying attention to is WatchCartoonOnline which aims to provide viewers with classic cartoons, old TV shows and a selection of new emerging series too. This platform seeks out niche titles from around the world which can usually be hard to find elsewhere, so it’s certainly worth checking out if you’re looking for something specific.



If you’re having trouble finding a specific anime title then your best bet is to turn to KissAnime. This website offers plenty of selections for nerds old and new so all tastes can be catered for. Plus, this platform also provides each series with various download options too!


For classic Disney shows and animation titles from the golden era of cartoons, look no further than Toon jet. It’s worth keeping an eye out for the Toonart too, which is a selection of original television shows from independent producers.



One platform worth taking note of is AnimeDao which specializes in bringing different types of anime to its viewers quickly and efficiently. This streamer understands what fans are looking for and constantly strives to curate an exciting library which maintains its relevance each passing year.



As well as AnimeDao, another website that is frequently frequented by anime streaming fans is 9anime. This multilingual platform also facilitates a live chat for those who want to discuss their favorite shows as well as post comments during the broadcasts.



For those looking for an online source of Asian cartoons and familiar western titles then Animeheaven should certainly be considered. Working with reputable wholesalers, this streamer provides viewers with crisp high quality videos without any lagging or buffering.


2023 also sees the return of the cult-favorite streaming platform, Bilibili. This Chinese streamer is known for offering a wild selection of comic books along with unique Anime series which are worth checking out – be sure to keep your eye peeled!

Prime Video

Amazon Prime Instant Video

As well as live streaming services, there’s plenty to watch on Amazon Prime Video if you’re looking for cartoons. This platform offers a huge selection of films from classic titles all the way up to new releases. It’s also worth checking out the “Movies Kids Love” page which is regularly updated by Amazon!


Hulu Plus

Another streaming service that can provide you with plenty of quality content when it comes to animation is Hulu. Not only does this platform offer a wide range of old and new animated films, but they frequently update their library too. It’s worth noting that Hulu is home to the ‘Hulu Kids’ section which offers plenty of educational titles for younger viewers.



Last but certainly not least, no streaming guide would be complete without mentioning Netflix. The platform has an impressive library when it comes to cartoons and anime alike plus a growing selection of original programs as well. Netflix works great on mobile devices so you can watch your favorite show wherever you are!

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